Discover Peter Pans Enchanted Land

Take a tour of Moat Brae, The house and garden in Dumfries that inspired Jm Barrie to create Peter Pan

Discover Moat Brae Gardens & House

The garden which was J M Barrie’s ‘enchanted land’ and famously inspired Peter Pan lies to the north and northwest of Moat Brae house. It extends down a steep slope to a retaining wall just above the river Nith.  Below the wall, and out of view from the house and garden, there is a public riverside path. The garden looks out across the river to the water meadows and beyond to the rolling hills of the southern uplands, in south west Scotland.

The original layout would have been made after the house was designed in 1823 but it is thought that the very little that now remains of the early garden design relates to Victorian times.  Perhaps this is appropriate as the period when Barrie played pirate games with the Gordon boys in the garden was in the 1870s when he was a pupil at the neighbouring Dumfries Academy.

One important garden feature remains – the sandstone plinth which once held a statue of Peter Pan.