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10 Top Tips from our Wedding Planner Crystal Durok.

10 Top Tips from our Wedding Planner Crystal Durok.1

1) Don’t forget to thank the Best Man, Ushers, Bridesmaids etc. for all their help not just on the day but in the run up to the wedding.

2) Don’t let others force their opinions and ideas onto you as it will blur your vision of what you want.

3) Never put your wedding cake in the fridge unless it is made from butter icing it will sink!

4) Always have a spare piece of raw meat available to tempt down an owl who may have stolen the rings during the ring delivery (True story).

5) Think outside the box when it comes to your guest book. Why not try a wishing tree or a message in a bottle.

6) Keep your guests entertained throughout the day, whether this is with a magician, kids play table or Photo challenges with disposable cameras.

7) Ask a friend to remind you of the time throughout the day so it doesn’t rush past you

8) If you are really struggling with your table plan, only allocate your top table and let everyone sit where they wish. After all you’re all friends and family.

9) Remember to enjoy your day, after all, regardless of what happens you have just married your soul mate.

10) Save a piece of wedding cake for your hard working, Wedding co-ordinator! See our website for latest wedding offers

See our website for latest wedding offers


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